Deliver JET File to Your Customers

White Label Cloud-Based Electronic Filing

Our Cloud, Your Brand

Turnkey third party filing. Cross-reference EAMS data and customer filings your way.

Auto-fill from Public EAMS Data

Minimal data entry on existing cases.

Data Your Way

Use our web-based admin tools for easy servicing; Access advanced APIs for your custom workflows.

The Forms You Know

Electronic Filings skip the paper, but we’ve been filling out the EAMS Forms for years. We present those familiar forms to you and your customers. Why reinvent the wheel?

Automatically Gather Public Case Data from EAMS

There’s obviously not much we can do on a new App, but you’ll never retype applicant names, employer addresses, or dates of injury on any other form.

Get Started Quickly

Guided data entry and pre-flight verification of EAMS business rules mean faster filings with less errors.


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